Construction Solutions


TCO’s approach to construction management focuses on efficiency and flexibility. Our extensive resources create an enormous value for our client’s investments. Our highest priority is to assist you in achieving your vision, at the lowest price possible.


We understand that mistakes and unforeseen delays in the construction process can lead to a significant increase in project costs .TCO takes the stress out of any construction or renovation project by using our proven and effective methods of construction management.

Do you have an upcoming construction or capital improvement project? Here’s how TCO can help you:

  • Assist in the preconstruction planning and the outlining of objectives.
  • Aid in the design and engineering of work to be performed.
  • Procure competing bids from contractors.
  • Submit all required permits to be filed.
  • Collaborate with contractors to create a construction timeline.
  • Manage all phases of construction.
  • Interface between the client and the various contractors.
  • Act as the clients’ liaison to applicable city, county, and other regulatory official.